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Grand Rapids Video Production

Let us tell your story.

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Our goal at MB Productions is to discover your unique story and captivate your audience with high-quality video and animation.


Our Projects

We help companies, agencies, brands, and organizations inspire audiences through high quality and inspiring video content.

Reclaimed Theory

Endless Talent

The Hot Spot


What We Do

MB Productions’ experienced team specializes in capturing stories through commercial video, animation, and event videography.

Commercial Video

Video advertising to make your brand stand out on whatever platform works best for you.


When reality just doesn’t cut it for your story, we’ve got you covered with creative and stylistic animation.

Event Videography

Whether you need a presentation video, an interview, or just a stunning event montage, we can do it all and more.

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Let’s talk about what we can do to capture the essence of your company and grab your audience’s attention.

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